Check out the new video for Scale Tapper 2.1. There are a couple new features. The predefined chords now include 2nd, 4th, and 6th chords. There is also a new feature called Quick Intervals which will allow you to easily build Power Chords on the fretboard.

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today is the last day of 2012, and the last day to get Scale Tapper for free this year. Scale Tapper was free for the last 10 days or so and the response was encouraging. Of all Difint apps Scale Tapper received the most free downloads over this period. In fact Scale Tapper received more downloads than of all the other apps combined! The year 2012 saw the release of version 2.0 with some of the most requested features. Your continued feedback and collaboration is essential in making Scale Tapper the best app on the App Store for Scales, Chords, and Music Theory. Congratulate yourself for being part of something really amazing. Let’s look forward to a bright new 2013, with more updates and exciting new features. Please like ScaleTapper on Facebook and follow @ScaleTapper on Twitter. Also look for random Scale Tapper appearances on a web site near you. A Special Thank you to all the fans, critics, and scaletappers out there! Let’s make this year the best year ever in the history of music!

Keep on Scale Tappin’! Happy New Year!


Special thanks to everyone @IncidentTech for the demo.

Had a chance to demo the Incident Technologies gTar live and in-person. This is definitely some interesting guitar technology and I am excited to see where this goes. Especially cool will be running the Scale Tapper iPhone app on this platform. Special thanks to everyone at @IncidentTech for bringing this awesome concept to reality. I can’t wait to dive into the SDK and build some cool apps.

The possibilities for students, teachers, and professional musicians here are enormous. I especially like the real feel of the actual guitar strings, the dynamic color frets, and MIDI interface. This is such an awesome work of art in so many ways.

The biggest new feature in Scale Tapper 2.0.2 app is full support for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. No more letter box blues now you can jam out in full 1136×640 resolution in Landscape mode. Along with some other tips and tweaks there’s now a dedicated Scale Tapper fan page so be sure to like that. Head over and follow @ScaleTapper on Twitter and get some free codes to get a copy of Scale Tapper free while its still on reverse sale. Scale Tapper is a versatile musician’s tool for all genres of music and all levels of musical knowledge. Scale Tapper for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

An inverted chord is a chord in which the root note is not the lowest tone in the chord. Let’s consider the C Major Triad realized with the notes C-E-G. Triads generally have two inversions where the root is promoted to either the second or third position. In our example then the first inversion is E-G-C. (We move the C note up an octave.) It follows then the second inversion G-C-E. (We move both the C and E up an octave.)

Chord Inversion with Scale Tapper

Inverting chords has never been easier.

This made remarkably simple and easy with Scale Tapper’s Double-Tap to Transpose feature. Open the C Major Triad in Scale Tapper. Now to get the first inversion just double tap on the E. Similarly for the second inversion tap on the G. These positions follow the natural order of the pitch constellation.

Let’s do one more just to show how easy it is to explore chords with this iPhone app. This time let’s go all out and do a chord inversion of the E half-diminished 7th chord. Chord inversion is a snap with Scale Tapper. This chord is also notated as m7♭5 or called the minor 7th flat five. Awesome chord, let’s invert it! The E variety conists of E-G-B♭-D. So as from the first example we can conclude that there should be at least 3 inversions of this chord possible, G-B♭-D-E, B♭-D-E-G, and D-E-G-B♭. Let’s ask Scale Tapper.

Scale Tapper makes chord inversion easy

Here we use Scale Tapper to derive three chord inversions of the E minor seventh flat five chord.

As you can tell from these two short examples Scale Tapper once again pulls through and leads the pack as a versatile tool for both professional musicians and music students alike. Scale Tapper is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Version 2.0.2 coming soon also supports iPhone 5 as well as some other minor tweaks.

Scale Tapper v2.0 arrives

Now available! Download Scale Tapper now.

Scale Tapper 2.0 Screen Shot

Musicians Rejoice! Scale Tapper 2.0 has arrived! What do you need in a music app? Scale Tapper has it all! Five reasons you need to get Scale Tapper now:

⒈ Music theory, scales, chords, and now Stave Notation. New in 2.0 is the Musical staff. No matter if you are learning Bass Clef or Treble Clef, or both! With the Grand Staff layout you select the Octaves and Clefs you want to visualize. Listen to the built-in chords and scales or go all out and create your own configurations with Pitch Constellations.

Musical Staff and Tablature

Pitch Wizard – aka Pitch Constellation Search. Instantly locate scales and chords with this built-in search function. What chord is B-D-F♯-A? If you had Scale Tapper just tap the Search button, and voila! That’s the B Minor 7th Chord! With the Pitch Constellation search function Scale Tapper becomes a powerful tool for every true musician.

Pitch Wizard

Auto-Tablatures! Also new in 2.0. The built-in tablatures automatically adapt to your tuning and playing style. Playing a 5-string Drop-D bass? Automatically locate scales and chords on the bass tab. Ukulele tabs, guitar tabs, you name it. It’s all possible with Scale Tapper no matter how many strings you play or how creative your tuning.


⒋ Become any stringed instrument you desire. Whether you play a Balalaika or a 12-string Guitar or anything in between with Scale Tapper you have the power to tune and create your very own string instrument. New in 2.0 is the option for 11-string instruments. Yes Oud and Alto Guitar players rejoice! You can now custom tune your fretboards with Scale Tapper.

Jam out and Groove: Any Tuning, Any Time

Jam out on the Interactive Fretboard. You’ve visualized your scales and chords with the Pitch Constellations, you’ve listened note by note forwards and backwards on the built-in music staff, you’ve invented some new chord fingerings on the tablature, now Jam out on the Interactive Fretboard!

Scale Tapper is here. Revolutionize music!

Scales and chords are the basis of all songs known to man. Become a 3-string balalaika hero, build a 12-string bass guitar, amaze us all with revolutionary new chord progressions.

Scale Tapper 2.0 has many other features:

String Support – On the iPhone/iPod Touch instrument mode supports 3,4,5 or 6 strings. The iPad supports these in addition to 7,8,9,10,11, or 12 strings.

Double-Tap to Transpose – Transpose any scale or chord by double-tapping the tonic note on the Pitch Constellation.

Themes – Trick out your Scale Tapper with the new Darkness Theme now available in addition to the Blue, Pink, Bamboo, and Classic Themes.

Landscape/Portrait Mode – The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad now all support both Landscape and Portrait modes.

Built-in Scales – Looking for a mystic sound? Try a Phrygian church mode. Or jam out with a Hexatonic Blues scale. With Pitch Constellations you can learn and discover new interactions between the scales themselves.

Predefined Chords. Major and Minor Triads, Diminished and Augmented 7th chords, they’re all here. Visualize and listen to the Chords in Stave Notation or play along on the interactive fretboard. Change the root on the fly and try playing it back in different octaves.

Full accidental support – Instantly convert between sharp notes (♯) and flat notes (♭). Whether working with a Major or Minor scale or a diatonic chord you’ll never again forget the ordering of flats and sharps.


• The predefined scales and chords can only be transposed and key changed. Refresh the scale and it will return to the default key of C.

• Create your own scales by tapping the “+” button. Add scales and chords to your favorites by tapping the “♡” button.

• and stay up to date on with the latest news and videos. Don’t forget to check out Scale Tapper: Online at

Whether you are learning music theory or are an experienced professional, you can get your groove on much faster with the new Scale Tapper.

Personalize your Scale Tapper with new and exciting themes! For the latest free promo codes:

Scale Tapper 1.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Listen to what actual people are saying (real quotes from the App Store):

From the Australia iTunes App Store: Interactive Scales And Chords That Really Help! ★★★★★ This is such a great concept for hearing and visualising scales and chords…

From the US iTunes App Store: At last, the circle of fifths in a usable form, great program ★★★★★ …This is one amazing program, maybe the best so far on the App Store (for musicians anyway)…

From the Spain iTunes App Store: Agc ★★★★ Esta muy bien. [Scale Tapper tambien está disponible en Español.]

Explore music theory, transpose scales and chords, create your own stringed instrument, revolutionize music. Scale Tapper has it covered.

Use the interactive pitch constellation to design your own chords and scales. Browse the various included scales and chords for ideas.

Jam out on the Interactive Fretboard with up to 6 custom strings on iPhone and up to 12 strings on iPad.

As documented on Difint’s blog Scale Tapper 1.2 now supports themes. Here’s the video mentioned in the article: